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yoyo im stu212 i like ma vids and clips ok- <<LOL how gay did i sound 2 years ago ..i hope to get some submissions up here soon)) okay... i should just delete that stuff i said like 3 years ago but it kinda been there all the time so i like to keep it ok.

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What u kiddding me??

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Posted by stu212 - August 15th, 2007

Happy ClockDay Everyone. (im kamikazi from clockcrew.cc but you dont care)


Posted by stu212 - August 4th, 2007

I started viewing stuff on the Internet back in the 90's but i wasn't really old enough to comprehend it when i first got it for my computer in 2002 i viewed about 5 main websites;
and in 2003 i was playing Sim girl on funny junk when i came across the NG preloader i clicked on it and it brought me to this cool looking website, i hung around looking at stuff for about a year. I only made an account when i wanted to save the love hina Sim date rpg as a favourite (That flash game got me into the manga and the anime and from that dating game i got into Ken Akamatsu's work)
i looked around for a few years until discovering someones anti-clock flash i left a review saying if he didn't like there work then why should he get worked up and make himself look to be even more of a fool by releasing such garbage. I started looking at clock films and other such works on the portal i loved the old site design SOO much and the old tank but anyway i suppose the first proper community site that i was really active on was this site i used to go on my mates forum but i wasn't that big a fan he made like 5 of them in 1 year.
PS i also mainy used it for MSN and playing age of empires 2 online
i then got my first mmorpg on my birthday in 2003 i think, it was star wars galaxes i loved it i didnt have a clue how to play it properley but i had it for months and i didnt realise you had to pay everymonth it wasnt until my mum noticed money coming off her account that she told me to cancell it, i tol her the reason i coucldt play it was cause i had dail up, we then switched to 256kbps broadband and a few years later in febuary 2005 i got WoW ive been playing that ever since and my broad band kept gett upgraded from 256 to 7 something thenfrom that to 2mbps then i asked if it could go to 5mbps the first time we had payed more than £17 a motnh for internet.