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Great Quality, The Portal NEEDS More Of This Stuff

Really nice animation and style the portal really needs more of these good submissions and music videos.

MarcyVF responds:

Oh man, that was sooo good to hear! :)
We worked on the shadows and background, yes.
Thanks, dude, for the 10/10! :D
Submitted to MVs?


I really loved this submission its top class, what sprite is the red one from that does the massive blast thing????

Short-Factor responds:

I don't understand...


OMG KAMIKAZI GIVES THIS A 5 ROX!!!!!!!!! Love this movie seriliroluisy gawys!

BinaryClock responds:

Hey, I have nothing against ga(w)ys but I'm a man of heterosexual preference.

Thanks for the ASDF


gr8 movie the first time i watched it the screen was black and when he was killing them i seen the blood and the enemy but not the person it was cool but whan i re watched it the back ground had fixed and was white but watch it witht he back ground black it looks so cool

0blivi0us responds:

Hmmm, lol, maybe its the size. and your computer or the wrong plugin.

but thanks champ for the review.

BTw there's coming another one

gr8 movie man

brought back memories lol hope u make more

ZOSLegend responds:

Yup, I'm making the Haunted Mansion right now!

what a pice of crap

ok first things first if u hate them so much then just dont watch them idiot, next are you 10 what a crappy submission every one just blam this pice of sh*t

alienredwolf responds:

Hello Stuart.

First of all... Simply avoiding watching any 'Clock Crew' animation isnt good enough in my opinion. They need to be destroyed. I'm sure loads of people would agree with me as well.

Second of all... No I am not 10. I am 17. So ner.

Third of all... I agree, this submission is crappy. That is my whole point. Thankyou for agreeing with me, Stuart.

Fourth of all... This submission can't be blammed. It passed judgement on the 15th of August, 2005. So you're a bit too late.

Fifth of all... Your a 14 year old wanker that listens to Eminem and plays "Love Hina sim date RPG" all night long, when your parents are asleep.

It's easy to be mean, Stuart. You make fun of me, I make fun of you.

Love, Daniel.

yoyo im stu212 i like ma vids and clips ok- <<LOL how gay did i sound 2 years ago ..i hope to get some submissions up here soon)) okay... i should just delete that stuff i said like 3 years ago but it kinda been there all the time so i like to keep it ok.

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What u kiddding me??

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